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Dear Friend,


     You never know what God has planned and set up for your life. Sometimes we wonder why God allows us to go through things not knowing that your victory is in your testimony.  He doesn't bring you through situations for you,  but so that you can be a sense of hope and light to someone else who will go through the same situation.


    In November 2008 I came home to a fire burning in my bedroom. The fire did not take our lives thank God, but the damage it left behind took almost all we had. Becoming a disaster victim overnight opened my eyes to how blessed we really are. When the reality set in the night of the fire that I no longer had a place to call home for my children; when I realized there would be no more home-cooked meals for awhile and we could no longer return to our comfort zone where friends and family had so often come together, it felt like I had lost everything.


    But I remembered that God had and always will take care of us. So many people reached out to us. My children received more clothes than they had before the fire, people gave us food, Red Cross gave us money, my father's church allowed us to stay in one of their properties, and our own church showered us with so much money we were able to save and put it towards a new home! God is so Good!


    The Lord has now put me on assignment to reach out to others and I can now have an even more sensitive heart and give encouragement because of my experience. If He did it for me, He will do it for you! I'm just here to help you get through!


God Bless,

Sharon Coley

Founder, C.E.O.

Volunteers at Food Bank
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